If you want to use computer, learn it to make your computer the best friend vs. the worst enemy.
Windows® is Worldwide, user friendly and the most users operating system for personal computers.

The best writing-publication tools introduced by Microsoft®
Fast, easy, beautiful makes your documents and manage them.
Create and edit text and graphics in letters, reports, Web pages, or e-mail messages by using Microsoft Word.

The most popular spread sheet for everyone who analyzing data, making charts and create reports.
Perform calculations, analyze information, and manage lists in spreadsheets or Web pages by using Microsoft® Excel.

Powerful, flexible and easy-use program to create databases, forms, queries and reports. It connects to any other programming languages such as Visual basic and so on.
Create databases and programs to track and manage your information by using Microsoft® Access.

Power Point
Great Presentation software, to create slides and pages for demonstrating your company and products.
Create and edit presentations for slide shows, meetings, and Web pages by using Microsoft® PowerPoint.

Front Page
Easily create your own home pages as you paint it. Front Page converts these pages to HTML codes and views them as seen on Internet.
Create and manage Web sites that look and work exactly the way you want by using Microsoft® FrontPage.

Internet Explorer
Finds and displays information and Web sites on the Internet.
Check your emails, send message to your friends and many other things done on Internet world all by Internet Explorer.

Learning the concept of a Operating system, its limitation and some useful command used in both dos and windows

Learning how a computer works and what is its components, make your own computer and repair it.


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